Different Types of Sports Card Breaks – Part I

types of sports card breaks
image courtesy: oldsportscards.com

Here is part 1 of the guide for the beginners, what are different types of sports card breaks

The past year has seen a massive rise in sports cards collectors, thus resulting in the sports cards boom. Sports cards are usually sold online via breaks. A break happens when a pack of sports cards is opened and their contents revealed. If someone has purchased a spot, then they will be shipped their sports cards. Sportscard break is a very interesting activity that helps people to get their hands on unique and high-value cards. Learn more below about the different types of sports card breaks.

Pick Your Team (PYT)

  • In this type of card break, you purchase a single team. Then you break your cards and get all the ones that have the same team on the card. This is the most popular type of card break. It happens online as consignment sales or it can happen offline at a specific venue as well.

PYP (Pick Your Player)

  • Pick Your Player is often considered a type of PYT break. In this card break, you will purchase a single player instead of a single team. This type of break is most often done with Bowman Baseball and Bowman Draft products.

When the release date is near, a PYP card break will take place so that hype can be created among enthusiasts. It is recommended that PYP best be left to experienced breakers.

Random/Drafted Breaks

  • Although PYT is a common card break type and is popular for all the right reasons, there are other types of card breaks that are increasingly popular. Among these non-PYT breaks, random, drafted, and mixer breaks are quite popular.

If it is a box of a single product, then it will be referred to as breaks, and if it is a box of a combination of products then it is referred to as a mixer. You have the option to buy a single team spot, three-team spots, and sometimes a combination of spots. In this type of card break, you buy a spot instead of a team. The way for a team to be determined for a spot purchase is done by randomizing and by a draft.

Pack Breaks

  • Panini Stars and Stripes USA Baseball cards are usually involved in pack breaks. Products like such are popular with this type of card break because most of the players in the checklist are associated with non-professional teams. It is fairly difficult to sell traditional team and spot setup with pack breaks because of this very reason.

Stars and Stripes have five packs in each box, and each box has at least one guaranteed hit. A hit is a card that is either autographed or classed as a memorabilia card. The entire box (5 packs) is sold at the same price and then spot purchasers can buy them. It is quite similar to buying packs at the traditional card shop.

Hit Breaks

  • If the product is famous and expensive, then it will be available as a hit break. Products such as Topps Definitive baseball are often included in a hit break because there is a high probability of each card being a hit card.

The box has 8 hit cards which include 6 autographed ones and 2 memorabilia cards. Spots are purchased and then each spot purchaser is given a random card from the 8 original cards. These cards can also be randomized for a draft of 8 cards from the pack when it was opened.

Serial Number Breaks

  • Serial Number Breaks are also very popular with expensive products such as Topps Definitive. They are quite similar to hit breaks since the majority of the cards in the pack are hit cards. Each card is numbered up to 99.

In this type of card break, you purchase a serial number. After randomizing the cards, and by drafting a serial number or a set of serial numbers you get each card having the same serial number.

Razz Breaks

  • Most people equate Razz Breaks to a raffle. There are about 30 spots in a break, while 100 razz spots are sold to people. The top 30 are randomized and included as a spot in the break.

Although getting a spot through a razz break is much cheaper, there is also the risk of paying for a spot and not getting one.

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