What are the Different Types of Baseball Cards?

different types of baseball cards
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Cards experts explain 8 different types of baseball cards

Are you a baseball enthusiast? If you are, then you might know what baseball cards are and how interesting it is to collect different types of baseball cards. A baseball card is a hobby for some people, especially youngsters.

Baseball cards are available in a variety of designs. These designs are based on varying themes to attract collectors. Player collecting, themes collecting, set building, vintage collecting, and parallel rainbow collecting are the most popular collections.

Baseball card collection is not just for youngsters, it is also an attraction for the adults, who reminisce their childhood memories through these cards.

Baseball Cards – Understand The Basics

  • A baseball enthusiast is well aware of what baseball cards are. However, if you are a newbie, you may not know what baseball cards are. Let us give you a sneak peek at the basics of baseball cards. Baseball cards are a small piece of cardboard with a picture of a player on them, a card number, some other photo, a biography, and statistics on the back.

A few decades ago, cigarette companies started including baseball cards in cigarette packs. With the advent of the internet, online baseball card dealing started, resulting in variations in card types and collections.

Types of Baseball Cards

Let us explain to you the different types of baseball cards available today.

Digital Cards

  • These types of baseball cards are usually offered online only. You can buy them online from your favorite dealer and enjoy the collection.

Base Cards

  • These types of cards are the simplest and the most basic cards. These are individual cards that make up regular sets of cards. Base cards make up sets of hundreds of cards.


  • Subsets are runs of usually 10-40 cards within the base set that feature players who share the same traits. They usually have different and unique designs.

Rookie Cards

  • A rookie card is a type of base card from the first year a player is included in a major set. Rookie cards are always high in demand

Insert Cards

  • These types of cards are special edition cards. These are smaller sets, like subsets, but are rarer than regular sets of cards. Odds of all the insert cards are usually at the back of packs in which baseball cards are packaged.


  • These types of cards feature the same photo and design as the base card but are a little different than base cards. They are often serial numbered. They have colored borders, colored foil,die-cutting, or refractor technology.


  • This is the most unique card since it features the autograph of a player whose picture is shown on the front side of the card. These cards can be hand signed by the player, the autobiography may be signed by the player on a sticker, or the autograph can be cut from some document if the player is deceased.

Relic Cards

  • Game-used memorabilia has continued to be one of the most popular trends in card collecting. From jerseys to bats, to gloves, to bases, to baseballs, to shoes, to stadium seats have been used as relic cards throughout the previous twenty years. Relic cards include a custom fabric patch, commemorative coin, etc.

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