Most Popular Sports Card Trends for 2021

Sports card trends for 2021

 Here are the top sports card trends for 2021

Sportscard collection trading is something that was relatively unknown back in 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak however has made it very popular amongst sports fans all over the world because of the sudden halt in all sporting activities that the pandemic brought with it. This activity which initially started as a common hobby has seen record sales, national and international media attention, and soaring values in 2020 and it has reached a point where it has become a full-time job for a lot of people all over the world.

As we are now halfway through 2021, there are some unique sports card trends that have come forward in this year that have become widely successful. In this article, we will discuss some of these trends that you can follow to ensure that you get maximum value for your buck;

Second-Year Base Cards

  • Second-year base cards are a great investment option in the sports card market because of the sudden rise in the value of rookie cards of both legendary and current players. It can be best defined as investing in silver when a lot of people are focusing on gold. Because of the small investment they require as well as the future sell-on potential they offer,  these cards are arguably the most promising investment option in the sports card market today.

If you look at the value of some of these rookie cards, you will quickly realize their sell-on potential. For instance, the Patrick Mahomes cards that were printed in 2018 by Panini Prizm and Donruss Optic were sold at the time for $20 and today they are valued at $300. This rise shows the potential of investing in these rookie cards.

Mid-Grade Vintage Cards 

  • Values of some of the higher-grade vintage cards have increased by almost 400 to 500 in% the last year. Near mint condition cards with a 7 or higher rating are being sold for large sums of money and being collected by a lot of people. The mid-range quality cards that are rated somewhere between 4 to 6 however are available in large quantities and have an untapped potential that cannot be overlooked.

Because of the eye appeal and uniqueness that a lot of sports cards offer, people often overlook their mid-grade quality and instead focus on their design and other aesthetic qualities and because of that, these cards are guaranteed to fetch large sums of money in the long run.

The Resurgence of Local Card Shows

The National Sports Collectors Convention which was held in 2019 drew record numbers when compared to previous crowd attendance figures in the past three decades. This increased attention has signaled a widespread growth in the hobby. The NSCC event that will take place in August 2021 is expected to shatter the record that was set in 2019 which means that the local card shows are a great place to find good deals on various collectible sports cards in 2021.

In an era where online activity is at its peak, these local shows offer up various benefits that give them an edge over online purchasing. For example, you are able to meet the buyer and inspect the cards in person to judge their condition which means that you don’t have to rely on the word of a stranger online. With the help of these events, you are also able to meet up with other collectors and get help if you are just starting out in this hobby and are looking for ways to build up your collections.

  • So, there are a lot of benefits of attending these local card shows and other card collection events that make them an absolute must for keeping in touch with all the new things that are happening in the world of sports card collection.

These are some of the most popular sports card trends that you can follow in 2021. If you have any more questions or queries about sports card collection or if you are looking to get your collection group graded then you can contact us today at Golden Card Breaks.