5 Interesting Facts About Recent Sports Card Collection Boom

sports card collection5 ultimate facts about sports card collection for beginners

On 30th March, the 1952 Topps Micky Mantle sports card was sold for a whopping 5.2 million $. This card currently holds the record for the most expensive card sold in 2021. In just the past eight months, several sports cards have been sold by collectors for very high prices. This confirms that the sports card collection market is booming.

If you like to collect sports cards, now is the perfect time for you to take out your collection and see what it’s worth. Selling an extremely rare or antique card will make you a millionaire. We have compiled 5 interesting facts about the recent sports card collection boom. Read about it here.

Global Lockdowns Triggered This Boom

  • Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the entire world entered a state of lockdown. This meant that everyone had to stay indoors while all public activities were banned. As live sports were longer an option, sports fans became bored and started going through their sports card collections. ESPN’s documentary about sports cards and other memorabilia also helped spark nostalgia among sports fans.

Social media played an important role in this boom. Sports fans posted pictures of their collections online. Others posted videos on TikTok and YouTube gaining thousands of views. This coupled with endorsements by famous personalities prompted people to sell their sports cards. Thus, the sports card collection boom was born.

Sports Card Collection Is An Investment

  • Currently, the majority of people are using the sports card collection boom as an investment opportunity. Quick Flippers are people who purchase cards in bulk from local departmental stores and sell them online with a profit. Wall Street Types understand that like stocks, sports card’s value changes over time. They invest large sums of money and reap benefits.

Nostalgic Millennials are people who collected sports cards as a hobby when they were kids. Now they are adults with families, expenses, and disposable incomes. Most of them are only interested in buying cards that were too expensive for them before.

Supply & Demand Affects Sports Card’s Value

  • A similar boom was seen in the 1980s. There was a lot of demand for sports cards and thus their value shot up. Card companies such as Upper Deck and Donruss increased their production capacity and flooded the market with cards. This eliminated the scarcity and sports cards became cheap again.

To make sure this mistake is never repeated again, card companies now create artificial scarcity in the market. They launch a limited number of special edition cards that sell at high prices. For example; Upper Deck made only 35 Kevin Durrant rookie cards and one of them was recently sold for over 750K $.

It Is Not A Bubble

  • There are several opinions on the internet about whether the sports card collection is a boom or a bubble. Some people are asking if this market will decline or crash.

The majority opinion is that it is not a bubble. Experts argue that sports card collecting is basically a hobby and people do it for fun. They enjoy collecting cards. Other than the market value, these cards have a lot of sentimental value as well.

Sports Cards Are Evolving

  • In today’s digital age, sports cards are evolving. NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are digital collectibles such as pictures, videos, and audio clips. Sports fans have been buying and selling sports-related NFT’s.

Experts say that soon sports cards are going to be available as NFT’s. Soon we will see a virtual sports card collection and marketplace.

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