10 Immensely Popular Sports Cards 

popular sports cardsA complete list of immensely popular sports cards for beginners

The recent sports cards economic boom has led sports cards enthusiasts to trade and improve their sports cards collections. If you are looking to start your own sports cards collection, be sure to check out the most sought after and immensely popular sports cards below.

Michael Jordan Fleer 1986-87: $375,100

  • With a PSA 10 population of only 316, the Michael Jordan Fleer rookie sports card is definitely one of the rarest sports to have ever come into existence. The card features his iconic and memorable picture of a one-handed dunk while being mid-air. This #57 card is the only base version of the card, while its only subset is the sticker rookie card.

This sports card is highly valuable and its value is only increasing every year. There is a reprinted version of this card available on eBay for a few hundred dollars. If you are considering adding this card to your collection, remember to look for an already graded card.

Derek Jeter Upper Deck SP Foil 1993: $468,000

  • This sports card is one of the most iconic and popular 1990s baseball sports cards. PSA 10 puts its population at just 10 sports cards. Only 0.14% of Upper Deck SP Foil cards from 1993 have received the unicorn level grading by PSA, and it shows just how unique and valuable this card is.

The foil actually makes the surface of the card very sensitive to scratching while the corners are dark to highlight even the tiniest imperfections. It is a popular belief that this card is so fragile, it can be damaged by friction in the wax packs.

Ronald Acuna Topps Update 2018: $252

  • The Ronald Acuna Topps Update 2018 sports card sells for almost 252$ which makes it a pretty cheap sports card as compared with the others in this list. Its PSA 10 population is over 16500. In the past two years, this card’s popularity has skyrocketed and it is only a matter of time that its value increases tenfold as well.

This card has several versions such as Mother’s Day Pink, Gold, Father’s Day Blue, Camo, Clear, and Platinum. This card is widely known as the Acuna Update and is a rookie card with a huge potential for value in the future. Be sure to keep checking various online platforms for their availability.

Patrick Mahomes Panini Prizm 2017: $10,700

  • This is a simple base rookie card having a population of almost 800 according to PSA 10. In 2019, its PSA 10 Gem mint condition cards were selling for a maximum of $300 while ungraded versions were available for $90. As of 2021, this card’s value has seen a tremendous increase and is now selling for over $10K.

Panini Prizm is responsible for its sudden increase in value, as sports cards enthusiasts are holding Panini Prizm equivalent to Topps Chrome cards due to their design, features, and hype. Experts suggest that this card could be even more valuable in the future.

Jerry Rice Topps 1986: $91,080

  • Jerry Rice is known by many as the greatest football player in American history. This Topps sports card has a PSA 10 population of only 59 and is valued at over $91K.

The 1986 Topps sports cards set is infamous for poorly centered cards and chipping along the edges of the borders. Any sports card enthusiast can identify a 1986 Topps card by just looking at it, which makes it an iconic card to have in their collection.

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