Platinum Card Breaks Review: Should you go with them?

Let me start with a story. At Jaspey’s Case Breaks, a customer who bought into a break for about 60 dollars last year wound up with a rookie card of NFL star Connor McDavid. The card was luckily autographed by the star and contained a piece of his uniform, one of only 99 in existence. The customer sold this card at an auction for about $135k, making it the most expensive modern-day hockey card ever sold. It was the biggest payday of his life.

platinum card breaks reviewBut not everyone out there is betting on cards for making bucks. Many collectors just love collecting sports cards and some like the thrill and high of the game. Some would even call it an addiction. But no matter what, card breaking is the talk of the town in 2021.

What the heck is Card Breaking?

  • Card breaking is also known as box breaking or case breaking. Card breaking is an event that is telecasted live. Card collectors pick their teams, and boxes of sports cards are opened and randomly divided among the collectors. But it is not the only method of breaking cards. Different methods are used by different card breaking websites such as team break, random team break, team draft break, divisional break, etc.

Some History About Sports Cards:

  • People are crazy about collecting things. Some collect coins, while others collect watches, books, art, sports card, games, and more. Sports cards collection has a long history. First baseball cards came into existence in the 1860s. They were made famous in the 1900s by Tobacco Companies, who inserted them into cigarette packs to attract people and increase sales. Baseball cards are the most popular sports cards, but there are also NFL and NBA cards.

Digital card breaking started in the mid of 2000s and gathered a lot of fan-following recently. Some box breaking sites are very well-known among collectors; Platinum Card Breaks is one of them.

Let’s start the Platinum Card Breaks review with an overview.

Platinum Card Breaks Review:

  • It’s a group box breaking website; operating from Pfafftown, North Carolina. The founder of the site is Platinum David.
  • They live-stream every breaking event. But they do not break every day, which many card breaking sites do.
  • To bet on any break, you have to make an account on the website.
  • You have to pick a team to take part in the card break. They do not start the break until all the slots are fulfilled. But when the breaks are nearly full, they start a random team filler campaign to sell the unsold teams. For that, they combine the top team with the unsold teams from the break and create filler. You can then join the filler during the live stream before breaking the box. You must have Filler bucks to join the fillers. But if you’re buying filler bucks to be added to your Platinum Bucks account, you have to tell them during the live stream.
  • Platinum Card Breaks has 32.7k followers on Instagram.
  • They also have their own currency, Platinum Buck (Plat Buck). For any kind of purchasing or betting on the site, you have to have Plat Bucks in your account. One Platinum Buck is equal to 1 US dollar Store Credit.
  • They break football cards, baseball cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards. They also have a separate category called Memorabilia, where they sell gift cards, shipping insurance, and break autographed footballs, autographed NFL helmets, and autographed multi-sports jerseys.
  • You can bet on any kind of card breaking from anywhere in the world. They will send your cards to your home, although they don’t take responsibility for secure shipment, and also you have to bear the shipping costs if you live outside of America.

If you compare Platinum Card Breaks with the other breaking sites out there, you will find that it’s definitely not the largest site and also not the most popular one. But still, it has a sizable number of customers and following.

Pros And Cons Of Platinum Card Breaks:

Every card breaking site has some pros and cons, and the same is the case with this website. We will analyze them below, and the decision rests on you to join this site or not.

Disclaimer: This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. I’m not associated with Platinum Card Breaks in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this website, purchase any card, or don’t give a hoot. I just want you to choose the site which is best for you.

Pros Of Platinum Card Breaks:

Multiple-Sports Cards:

  • You see, they are not breaking only baseball or basketball cards. Fully aware of the fans of different sports, they are targeting all the sports that support card breaking.
  • So if you’re a fan of hockey cards, or football cards and not just basketball or baseball, this website has some cool card boxes for you too.


  • They have a category about sports stuff. They have cool autographed footballs, autographed full-size helmets, and autographed sports jerseys.
  • Just imagine you’re going to the ball wearing the jersey signed by your favorite player.
  • Collectors love these things. And if they get lucky, they can also make a lot of money out of them. Just think how much people love a helmet autographed by Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson.

Original Stuff:

  • I can assure you that they are not running a scam. They are breaking original cards.
  • This thing sounds trivial like it is for granted. But believe me, it’s the most important characteristic of a card breaking site because a lot of them are dealing in fake cards.

Reasonable Prices:

  • The prices of the card boxes on Platinum Card Breaks are not over the top. In fact, they’re quite reasonable. There are some sites that, after acquiring a brand name, are charging high prices for cards. People who just want to enjoy card breaking may find it hard to pay such high prices.

User Experience:

  • The user experience of the site is good. They have a very simple and easy to use site website. The navigation of the site is user-friendly. Also, they have uploaded all the terms and conditions clearly and in simple words.

Cons of the Platinum Card Breaks:

No Schedule:

  • The big and more famous names in card breaking usually have a schedule of breaking. Some of the sites even break the cards seven days a week, which definitely shows that they are quite popular among card collectors.
  • The biggest con of Platinum Card Breaks is that they have no such schedule of breaking events. They break the cards after all the slots are nearly full. Even then, they run a random team filler to sell the unsold teams.
  • So if you’re a fan of Platinum Card Breaks, you can’t know when breaking will take place.

Plat Bucks:

  • They have this complex system of Plat Bucks which makes it hard for users to buy or sell. You can’t purchase with real money. Before you can buy cards, you have to create a Plat Bucks account and buy Plat bucks. This does not fit right with most people, especially those who just started betting on the cards.


  • Insurance is not included in the group break purchases. But they are separately selling it for $8. That does not sound well, they should provide free insurance as a perk.

Lost Packages:

  • They don’t take any responsibility in case your package is lost in possession of USPS.


  • There are some complaints about the ‘resealed’ card boxes like this one about the Platinum Card Breaks. You should check them out and see if there is any reality in them.