Top 3 Myths About Sports Cards Debunked

myths about sports cards

Are you a newbie to sports cards? You need to know the following 3 myths about sports cards

In the last six months, a record number of sports cards have been traded and many people have made huge profits. Sports cards investing is popular and has some myths associated with it. Today we are going to debunk the top 3 myths about sports cards. Read about them below.

Never Invest In Pitchers

  • Most veteran sports card investors are going to give this advice; to never invest in pitchers. They are speaking from either firsthand experience or because they themselves got the same advice from an expert of sports card investment.

If you are good at researching and know your game well then you should take this advice with a grain of salt. This advice is true for novice investors, as they might end up losing money but for mid-level and experienced investors, they know the amazing returns offered by a pitcher’s card.

  • Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer are two famous pitchers from the 2019 MLB season. Their rookie cards were worth an average 95$ but now their values have shot up to 300$+. This means that anyone who invested in their cards automatically made a huge profit.

Until mid-July 2019, both of their sports cards were up for sale on eBay for 95$. When people realized that these rookie players are going to score big, the demand for their sports cards went through the roof. Justin Verlander’s sports card is Topps #67 and is available in PSA grade 10 condition.

Population Reports Matter

  • Population reports, also referred to as pop reports, are an almost accurate representation of how many sports cards of a specific grade are in existence. They take data from PSA, depending on how many people have gotten their cards graded. When it comes to making an investment decision, pop reports shouldn’t influence your decisions. There are several reasons why.

The exact number of PSA 10 LeBron JAmes 2003 Topps Chrome rookie cards, according to a pop report of November 2019, was 1919. This is just the PSA 10 grade versions of the card. The pop report fails to account for cards that were graded by BGS or anyone else. The list also does not include cards that are graded at 9 and 8. It also does not include refractors, parallels, raw/ungraded cards,  and resubbed cards either.

  • Thus it is not a true representation of the actual number of cards that exist. Imagine you come across a PSA 9 grade of the above-mentioned card. Currently, it is worth about 700$ whereas a PSA 10 version of the same costs around 2500$.

If you were to get your PSA 9 resubbed into a PSA 10, that would instantly result in a tremendous profit for you.

Sports Cards Are Not A Good Investment

  • This is one of the biggest myths people can expect to hear, from just about anyone. Common statements include, “Sports cards are a terrible investment”, “Sports cards are a bubble waiting to burst”, “You’ll end up bankrupt if you keep investing in sports cards”, and the best one “Sports cards are a hobby, not an investment opportunity”.

All these statements are false and money can be legitimately made via sports cards. However, sports card investing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Many experts have talked about the sports cards boom, and how sports card investing is here to stay. Sports cards are definitely not a bubble, because it has always existed as a hobby. Now sports cards are even available as NFTs which makes them an even more legitimate investment.

Like all investments it carries risk, and an investor should research well before thinking about investing in sports cards. It is a long-term investment, which means that your money will be tied to a sports card for a very long time. So it is better to invest with surplus money, instead of spending half of your income on sports cards.

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