A Guide to Make Money Through Sports Card Collection- Part I

make money through sports cardHere is part 1 of the guide on how to  make money through sports card collection for beginner

It’s fairly easy to be carried away with the recent sports card collecting boom. If you’re interested in making money through sports card collecting, then take a look at this article below. We’ve written a guide to help you understand how money is made with sports cards. Read more below.

Sports Card Collecting Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

  • You’ve probably been hearing a lot about sports cards in the news lately. There have been instances where people found old sports cards in their attic, and they were valued close to a million dollars. Other people, who used to collect sports cards as children now find that those same cards are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is nothing but sheer luck.

Contrary to the widely popular belief, investing in sports cards is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a sound strategy, investment, and patience. Before starting this investment, you need to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. You need to spend time learning about graded sports cards so that you don’t end up buying junk cards with a little return on investment.

Sports Knowledge Always Helps

  • You don’t need to be a pro in sports nor in sports-related knowledge to become a successful sports cards collector. In fact, most professional sports cards collectors have little knowledge about sports yet they are making huge profits every week.

It is important to know which sports cards are worth more, and for what reasons. Similarly, you should have ample knowledge about valuable decks so that you are on the lookout for them.

Sports Cards Are A Growing Market

  • A few years ago, the sports card collecting market was limited only to a small group of enthusiastic people. This has all changed, thanks to the sports card collection boom. Now almost everyone is collecting sports cards and making money out of it. The sudden spike in popularity along with a sharp increase in ROI is a concern for many people who want to know if it is a growing market.

Initially, one may think of it as a sports cards collecting bubble. A lot of people are showing interest and one day the bubble will burst to send thousands of people into debt and bankruptcy. However, this is not true. Many experts have pointed out that sports card collecting is not a bubble. It is a hobby with an incentive of monetary returns. With the introduction of sports cards as NFTs, the sport cards collection market is further strengthened.

Factors Affecting Sports Card Market

  • There are two main factors that affect the sports cards market. The first is the number of rare cards. If the market is flooded with rare cards, then it will affect it negatively. On the contrary, a lesser number of rare cards will spice up the competition.

Secondly, the number of cards that are in a specific grade will also affect the market. Sporting agencies like PSA, BGS, and SGC have standardized procedures to grade cards based on their condition and appearance.

Factors Affecting The Value Of Sports Cards

  • A sports card’s own value depends on the player printed on it. Vintage cards having successful players are worth a lot of money. A modern card’s value might go up if the player printed on it has a successful career.

Buying ungraded/raw cards and then getting them graded also affects its value. The volume of a specific card and the name of the publisher also affect its worth. A good publisher will result in a better value for the sports card.

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