A Guide to Make Money Through Sports Card Collection Part II

guide to make money through sports card
Courtesy image: oldsportscards.com

Here is part 2 of the guide on how to make money through sports card collection for beginners

Are sports cards a feasible investment with good returns and profits? How can one invest in sports cards without losing all of their money? In our second installment, we answer these and many more questions related to sports cards investment. Read about them below.

Sports Card Investment Strategy 101

  • Investing in sports cards is similar to investing in stocks. Stocks are valuable because of the company they belong to. Similarly, sports cards are valuable because of the player printed on them.

Flipping is a famous sports card investment strategy. It is very risky, but you can increase your profits over a very short period of time. For a flipping strategy to succeed you are only going to invest in cards that you’re certain will increase in value. If you decide to hold on to your sports cards for a longer period of time, it is better to do so with players that have many years left until retirement.

How To Start Investing In Sports Cards

  • The first step for any investment is to learn as much as you can. Adequate research is going to help you invest smartly and avoid losses. You should start with online marketplaces to see what kinds of sports cards are available and how they are valued. Next, you can learn about how sports cards sets are made, and what is meant by getting your cards graded. It is important to know the difference between a sports cards box and a sports card set.

After you’ve got enough information at hand, you can begin searching for wholesale markets and sellers that offer consignment sales. You can see how a card break happens and how you can profit from it. A new card seller will help you get your hands on new rookie cards, whereas buying from older ones and online platforms will help you own cards that have probably stopped printing for a very long time.

Investment Goals Are Important

  • Investing without setting a goal is very dangerous. It is important to determine how successful you’d want yourself to be. The first step is to decide on a budget that you’d want to spend on investing.

Investing short term will help you make quicker profits, that you can decide to reinvest in sports cards or in some other project. You can reinvest your money in other investment projects, thus diversifying your portfolio and protecting yourself from risks.

What Kinds Of Sports Cards Can You Buy?

  • Single sports cards such as rookie cards often have the highest ROI and can help you make profits quickly. Inserts are a type of sports cards that are more artistic in nature and are available in lesser quantities. Autographed cards are highly sought after while error cards are also valuable, as they are highly rare. Printing companies usually stop printing them after the error is discovered, thus making them one of a kind in the market.

Multiple sports cards are available as unopened packs and boxes. Purchasing them gives you sports cards of different players at a wholesale price. One disadvantage of a sports cards pack is that you might end up with duplicates.

The Future of Sports Card Investment

  • The sudden boom of sports cards has led to wild speculation by many people that this could very well be a bubble. Many people have become weary of this threat, and are afraid to invest money in sports cards.

However, experts beg to differ. They say that sports cards are not a bubble because they have existed as a hobby for generations and will continue to do so, especially with the introduction of NFTs.

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