How to Make Money from Sports Cards?

make money from sports cards

Learn how to invest and make money from sports cards during COVID-19

The current state of the sports card trading market is red hot and nuts. Various factors have combined in order to create a perfect storm which has resulted in people wanting to buy and collect these cards at a rapid rate thus increasing the overall demand for these cards. COVID-19 pandemic has also played a huge part in the increased interest in the collection of these cards. As a result, the trade of sports cards has become a legitimate revenue source for people all over the world.

At first, you might be wondering why am I investing so much money on a plastic card? But after a while, you will realize that the investment was worth it when the value of your collectible sports card skyrockets in the space of a few months. There are different ways and techniques through which you can make money involving sports cards. But before we discuss the factors that affect the value of a card, we need to talk about the different avenues that can be used to accomplish this goal;

Avenues of Making Money Using Sports Cards

  • There are three distinct avenues that can be chosen in order to make money using sports cards. These three avenues are investing, flipping, and selling.

Investing: This is a long-term strategy that is majorly focused on maximizing profits and return on an initial investment

Flipping: This is more of a short-term strategy that is focused on making money quickly based on the player’s performance, the media attention they’re getting, and a variety of other factors that increase or decrease the value of a card in a short time.

Selling: This process involves a series of options that allow you to convert your cards into cash.

Factors that have an Impact on the Value of a Sports Card

  • There are a plethora of factors that can have an impact on the value of a sports card and thus have a direct relationship with your ability to make a decent profit using that card. With that being said, here are some factors that play a crucial role in determining the value and the money-making potential of a sports card;

The Brand of the Card

  • When you are looking to invest in sports cards it is important that you look for cards from brands like Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck to ensure that you get the best value for the card that you are buying.

If you buy cards from top brands you can rest easy knowing that their potential and overall value will increase with the passage of time which will allow you to make a large profit down the line.

The Style of the Card

  • The style of a card also has a direct impact on its selling potential. People often are more attracted to flashy cards because of their shiny and smooth finish. That is why it is a great idea to start off your collection with cards that have an appealing look.

Another great idea is to find cards of rookie players that are sold as a limited edition that are usually numbered out of /149, /79, or /249. This number means that only X amount of people own this particular card. Finding and purchasing cards that have been produced in a limited quantity can greatly drive up their value and make you a huge profit down the line.

The Grade of the Card

  • If a card is graded, you are able to get an accurate representation of the condition and therefore the value of the card. If a card is rated as a 10 by PSA it means that it is in pristine condition. So as a new investor it is a good idea to buy cards that are graded highly so that you have a chance to make a huge profit on them.

These are some of the key factors that can help you make money from sports cards. If you have any more queries about the sports card collection and investment process or if you are a veteran card collector who is looking to get their cards group graded, you can contact us today at Golden Card Breaks.