Layton Sports Cards Review

Do you know that a rookie card of Wayne Gretzky, a hockey player, sold for a whopping $1.29 million at an auction on the twelfth of January 2021? Can you believe people pay that kind of money for Just a card? It’s shocking news for some people but not for collectors who are in the game, and who are hooked, love, value, and dream of sports cards.

Layton-sports-cards-reviewThe sports card business is now a billion-dollar industry. More and more card breaking sites and YouTube channels are springing up every day. Competition is getting hard. The covid-19 lockdown has poured fuel on the fire. Card breaking is attracting new fans. Along with their loyal followers, some card breaking sites are acting like a tribe and making a boatload of money.

But not all the sites are providing a quality experience to the collectors. Many are out there to make quick bucks. The purpose of the reviews on this site is to separate these websites from the ones providing a real quality experience to the collectors.

This Layton Sports Cards review is brought to you in the same spirit. We will dive deep into the website reveal the good and the bad so that you can decide easily whether to purchase cards from this site or not. I will explain what they try to hide beneath the layers of content, terms, and policies.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% unbiased and professional opinion. I’m not associated with Layton Sports Cards in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this website, purchase any card, or don’t give a hoot. I just want to help you in choosing the right website for your card breaking ride.

Let’s begin the review with an overview.

A comprehensive Layton Sports Cards Review:

  • It’s a card breaking site operating from Altamonte Springs, Florida.
  • There’s no About Us page, so we can’t actually know who the creator of the website is.
  • They break the cards for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Besides group breaks, they also have personal boxes. They also sell merchandise such as hats, bottles, t-shirts, etc.
  • They also have a YouTube channel with a large following of 33.2K subscribers. But the website has only 6K followers on Facebook, which is relatively low. They also run a private Facebook group having 1.8K members. They allow anyone to join the group by clicking on the Collector’s Community under the category of watch live on their channel.
  • Their Instagram following is sizable, standing at 30.4K, but the surprising thing is that they don’t have a Twitter handle, which is a kind of missed opportunity.
  • Their number of followers on YouTube and Instagram shows that they are quite popular among card collectors.
  • They have provided no details about how the site works. So, if you’re a beginner and don’t exactly know how card breaking websites work, there’s really no tutorial to help you.
  • They provide the full schedule along with dates and timings of the breaks. It shows that collectors regularly make purchases on this site, and owners of this website face no problem filling the slots.
  • To purchase slots on Layton Sports Cards, you have to create an account. For purchasing slots, you have to select your team.
  • On the homepage, they sell merchandise, while the same page lets you see a long list of upcoming breaks.
  • They provide no details about shipping. . Also, we have no idea on which day of the week they ship cards and how much collectors have to wait for receiving cards. We can assume that they use USPS for sending cards and their merchandise. But this is not necessarily true since they don’t name their shipping partners.
  • They also haven’t mentioned any guidelines for international collectors. For example, if you live in Japan, can you purchase any slot? And will they send the cards? Other breaking websites have provided these details so that international card lovers can buy the slots and watch the live breaking.

Layton Sports Cards is a professional card breaking website. They have a sizable following among the collectors. That’s why they regularly roll out the breaks. But looking at the site, it feels that they do not care much about the user experience. The site provides no details about who is behind the effort, and also, they do not offer any discounts even if you regularly purchase cards on their site.

On the other hand, I reviewed Firehand Cards and found that if you spend one dollar on their website, you will get one Firehand Point, and you can use these points for getting discounts on future purchases.

As in the case of other card breaking websites, Layton Sports Cards also has some advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide whether to purchase cards from this site, I’m going to mention some prominent pros and cons. Please read them below.

Thumbs Up Of Layton Sports Cards:

Cards Of All Sports:

  • They break the boxes in nearly every popular sport i.e., basketball, baseball, hockey, football. They have a wide variety of card boxes. So, you have multiple options to choose from.

Personal Boxes:

  • They also have personal boxes in many categories, and they go an extra length to sell these boxes by providing details such as how it works, etc.
  • They provide free shipping for delivering personal boxes in the US.
  • They open your purchased personal box live on their channel at the end of the night after completing all the personal breaks.

A Lot Of Breaks:

  • You can see on the homepage that they provide a long list of breaks. It means they have a solid customer base, and if you’re a habitual collector and want to watch breaks daily, then it can be the right choice for you.
  • They provide collectors a lot of options to choose from.

Full Schedule:

  • Only professional breaking sites with a lot of following and investment provide the full schedule with dates and time. Layton Sports Cards does that.

Thumbs Down Of Layton Sports Cards:

No Details About Shipping:

  • Their biggest drawback is that they provide no shipping details.
  • We don’t know at which day or how many days in a week they ship sold cards.
  • We don’t know whether they provide free shipping.

No Discounts:

  • Many card breaking sites provide some discount if you purchase cards frequently but Layton Sports Cards does not offer that privilege.

No ‘How It Works:’

  • It’s quite typical among card breaking websites to provide the details about how it works to make your stay comfortable. Unfortunately, Layton Sports Cards does not provide a ‘help’ section.

Poor User Experience:

  • The website’s overall user experience is poor. It can easily confuse beginner collectors. The design of the website is also not very attractive.

Do I Recommend Layton Sports Cards?

It really comes down to personal preference. If you’re a professional collector and regularly participate in group breaking, then, by all means, go ahead and try these guys out.

But if you’re a new collector who is just entering into the arena, I would recommend looking for other card breaking sites that are beginner friendly.