How Sports Card Breaking Works? 


how sports card breaking works
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Learn how sports card breaking works from the pros and become one yourself

Sports cards are undoubtedly the most popular kind of trading cards. Kids and adults alike, everyone is passionate about sports cards. But if you want to play your sports cards like a boss, you need to know how sports card breaking works so you can plan your moves accordingly.

The trading cards that are somehow related to sports are called sports cards. The players collect these cards and then play them like a regular deck of cards. Some cards come with rewards, while others have penalties. For anyone who wants to master the art of playing sports cards, it is essential to be familiar with the concept of sports card breaking.

Through this article, we will go over the most common types of sports card breaking and explain what each of them means.

Common Terms Used for Sports Card Breaking:

Before diving into card breaking, it is important to familiarize ourselves with some basic terminologies. The two most commonly used words in sports card breaking are none other than Group Breaking and Case Breaking.

1. Group Breaking:

Group breaking happens when a group of people buy a spot on the board game. This spot is called the slot. The cost of the purchase is then split amongst the group of people. So in simple words, a group breaking is when a group of people, together, buy a slot.

2. Case Breaking:

When a slot is purchased, the host of the game has to open the cards of that slot and divide them into the people who have bought the slot. The act of the cards being broken out of their sealed cases is what is known as case breaking.

Major Types Of Group and Case Breaking:

These terms will help you understand the different types of sports card breaks. But if you want to get to know the different types of actual breaks, here is a simple break down for you:

1. Team Break:

As indicated by the name itself, a team break is when a slot on the board is reserved for one specific team. The group breaking requires the members of the same team to purchase the slot and bear the cost rather than splitting the expense with members of the other team. The cost of team break group breaking can vary depending on the cards and the slot itself. But the perk of a team break is that the slot can be reserved at a smaller cost without having to deal with unwanted cards.

2. Random Team Break:

In a random team break, the slot is reserved. But who shares the cost and the ownership to the slot? This remains a secret. Once the purchasing has been done, the roll of a dice randomly assigns teams to the slot that has been bought. The slot assigned to you would then be used to determine the team whose cards would be handed over to you.

3. Divisional Break:

If you are a player who is interested in acquiring cards from more than one team, a divisional break would be the best option for you. This break allows the cards to be further broken so each player can get cards that come from different teams, leading to a versatile set in the end.

Acquiring the desired set of sports cards and planning the right moves can be extremely difficult if you are not aware of sports card breaking. Make sure you have a Golden Card Breaks on your side so that you can get a deck of cards that can lead you to victory.