How Does Group Grading for Sports Card Work?

group grading for sports card

Here is the ultimate guide on group grading for sports cards

If you are someone who has recently gotten into the world of sports card collection either as a hobby or a way to make some money, then there is a great chance that you may not be familiar with what group grading is and how it works? Well simply put group grading is a process that allows you to get your cards encapsulated to ensure that they will stay protected for life. Another reason why group grading is popular among sports card collectors is that it makes sure that your card will stay in pristine condition forever. Furthermore, if your card receives a high enough grade its overall value and price skyrockets as compared to a similar card that has not been graded.

For instance, if you collected sports cards as a child and are now looking to get back into the hobby and find a rare card in your old collection that is worth a lot of money. You then check on online sites like eBay to find out that the same card is being sold for $10 in raw condition. This is where the value of getting your cards graded shines through.

There are various factors that determine the overall condition of your card and the PSA rating it will receive which will determine its market value. Here we will discuss some factors that have a direct impact on a sports card’s overall value;

Corners and Edges

  • If your card does not have clean, well-defined edges and razor-sharp corners, the likelihood of your card receiving a good rating is relatively low. The corners and edges have a big impact on the card’s rating and even if a single corner or edge is soft or rounded the card’s value will be directly affected.

Because of these reasons and more, it is often a bad idea to spend your money on getting a new card graded that has rough edges and corners but it might be a worthwhile investment if it is a rare or vintage card.


  • If your card is not perfectly centered then there is little chance of it receiving a good PSA rating. Although it might seem unfair for your cards to come out of a pack with a centering issue that plummets its overall value, it is something that happens in a variety of cases and there is nothing that can be done about it.

The Card Surface

  • It is important to note that once you send your cards to a grading company they will put them under a microscope and examine them to make sure that everything is in place. During this process, if some sort of scratch or blemish is found on the card, its value will take a massive nosedive. Cards can have issues straight out of the pack so it is important that you properly examine its surface for any kind of defects before you decide to spend the money to get it graded.

Group Grading

  • As stated above, the process of getting your card graded can be a hectic ordeal if you are someone who is new to the hobby and has no idea about how to examine the cards and how to properly send them. The entire process of examining your cards and determining whether they are grade-worthy or not is something that requires years of knowledge and experience.

Luckily for you, there is a service available that takes care of the entire process of getting a card graded so that you don’t have to. Of course, we are talking about group grading.

How Group Grading Works

  • There are multiple companies all over the world that specialize in group grading to ensure that your cards get the rating that they deserve. The process of group grading is simple and it guarantees the best results possible. You simply send your card over to a grading company and they take care of the entire grading process for you for a minuscule fee.

These companies properly examine your cards, clean them to ensure that there are no fingerprints or dust marks on the surface, and put them through an entire process to determine whether your cards are grade-worthy or not.

Advantages of Group Grading

  • There are a lot of advantages of getting your cards group graded by a company that specializes in this process which makes it a viable investment. For instance, using a group grading service can save you a large sum of money because of the fact that they are able to thoroughly examine the cards and reject the ones that are not suitable for grading should not have been sent out to a grading company in the first place.

Another advantage of using a group grading company is that you will receive your cards relatively faster if you get them graded through a group grading service. If you are looking to get your cards graded on your own then you will not have access to the same turnaround times and pricing services as a company that does group grading and submissions.

These advantages and more make group grading a worthwhile investment.

If you have any more questions about the group grading process like how does it work and what steps are followed to get a card graded or if you are looking to get your rare and vintage sports cards group graded, you can reach out to us today at Golden Card Breaks.