Firehand Cards Review – Is It For The Habitual Collectors Or For Starters Only?

Do you feel the thrill when streamers break the boxes of sports cards? Do you feel euphoric watching the live event of card breaking? Do you love the feeling of getting your favorite card in your hand? Are you always looking out for new and exciting cards? If yes, then this Firehand Cards review is just for you.

firehand cards reviewSome would call it an addiction, others betting or gambling, but sports cards breaking has gained a cult status no matter what. Collectors not only love the cards, but they also enjoy the thrill of watching live breaking events.

There are some sites that break the cards seven days a week. Yes! And people watch and follow them on a daily basis. Firehand Cards is one of these sites. They break cards all around the week.

Every other day you hear a new story about a rookie card auctioned for thousands or millions of dollars. It shows the craze which people feel towards sports card breaking. If you’re familiar with card breaking, then you know what I mean.

Card breaking business is booming. That’s why lots and lots of new websites are coming into existence to break the cards online. But not every website or YouTube channel is providing quality services. There are some pretty lousy ones out there too. Knowing which websites are providing quality services and which are not, is very important knowledge for collectors. It saves you from having bad experiences and also helps you avoid losing money on worthless cards. The purpose of this review is to provide that information.

Disclaimer: This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. I’m not associated or affiliated with Firehand Cards in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this website, purchase any card, or don’t give a darn. I just want you to choose the site that provides you with the best of experience.

Let’s start the review with an overview.

A Complete Overview Of The Firehand Cards Review:

  • Firehand Cards is a card breaking site operating from Santa Clarita, California. A man named Chad is the soul of this company.
  • They provide the services of group breaking of the cards. They break baseball, basketball, football, and multisport cards.
  • They break cards for seven days a week according to their ‘about us’ page. They also provide a complete schedule of breaks individually through email when all the slots on the site are sold.
  • Like many other card breaking sites, they have a YouTube channel with 12.3K subscribers, and you can watch all the breaks live there. Their Facebook following comprises 1,241 followers. This is comparatively low. They have 17.1K followers on Instagram and over 7K followers on Twitter, which is not huge but a good following for a site of this scale.
  • They claim to provide free shipping for all orders made through the site. However, they ship the packages only two days a week, and international packages are sent every other Thursday.
  • You have to create an account on the Firehand Cards site to purchase any slot. For taking part in any break, you have to pick your team first.
  • When you spend a dollar on their website, you earn a Firehand Point. These points are used for discounts on future purchases through the site.
  • They do not offer skunk protection for their breaks.
  • They guarantee the quality experience and the collector’s best interest at heart.
  • They also have a card breaking Forum on their site. Customers can start a thread for discussion related to cards. But most of the threads are from Chad, the owner of the site.
  • They do not offer refunds. All breaks sold are final.
  • If you select a team and no card appears after breaking the box, the risk is on you. They accept no responsibility for that.

Firehand Cards is a small card breaking site compared to other well-known breaking websites. They have a limited number of boxes for breaking. They also have a comparatively lower number of followers. They say they break seven days a week, but they do not give any schedule for breaks on the website. This is probably because they fail to sell all the slots on time.

If you’re a new collector stepping into the card breaking world, then it’s the right place for you to start. The site really can’t satisfy the needs of seasonal collectors who want to watch live breaking on a daily basis.

Every card breaking platform has its own share of positives and negatives. To help you decide, I have listed some of the top pros and cons of Firehand Cards. Please check them out.

Pros Of The Firehand Cards:

User Experience:

  • The website loads quickly and the design is pleasing. The navigation is also very user friendly. The user terms are clearly mentioned. The website is clean and does not confuse the visitor.

Community Forum:

  • They have a forum on the website. It’s a unique feature because not many similar sites are providing it.
  • Users or collectors can start a thread on the forum after signing up. It’s a useful platform to ask any questions, clarify any ambiguity, or contact other collectors.

Free Shipping:

  • I reviewed the Dacard World breaker website and found out that they were not providing free shipping for any order under $200.
  •  Firehand Cards are providing free shipping on all orders. However, keep in mind that this applies to group breaks only.

Suitable For Beginner Collectors:

  • It’s a simple website for card collectors. If you’re not a hardcore collector, then it’s the right place for you to start. They have limited categories of cards and an easy process to follow for a beginner.

Cons Of The Firehand Cards:

No Free Insurance:

  • They do not provide free insurance on any shipping orders. If your package is destroyed or lost during shipping, they don’t accept any responsibility for that.
  • But if you want to buy insurance for your package, they sell it separately. The price for insurance falls between $2.50 – $18.50.

Shipping Only Two Days A Week:

  • When you win cards, you want them to be shipped as soon as possible. You can’t wait for weeks to get your hands on your prized possessions. The bad side of the company is that they ship all domestic orders only two days a week and the international orders only once in two weeks.
  • On their Shipping page, they have clearly mentioned that they ship domestic orders on Wednesday and Saturday and international orders every other Saturday. Still, on the FAQs page, they contradict by saying that they send domestic orders on Tuesday and Friday and international every other Thursday.

 Risk Of No Card:

  • If you pick a team and that team receives no card in box breaking, then the risk is on you. They do not hold themselves responsible for this. That’s not fair. They should compensate the collector whose team got no card.


  • They don’t mention it anywhere, but they charge tax for every purchase. It means you have to pay more than the price of cards.

No Hockey Cards:

  • If you’re a fan of hockey cards, then this website is not for you.

No Privacy Policy:

  • Another prominent disadvantage of the site is that they have no privacy policy. Collectors want their personal information to be protected. The absence of a privacy policy creates doubts.