We currently run a show four times a week on Mondays Wednesdays, and Saturdays @ 8:30 PM EST to 2:30 PM EST and Thursday Afternoon Matinees from 2PM EST to 6PM EST. You can watch the live stream in our Facebook Group, or if you miss it we upload the live stream the next day onto our YouTube channel. Find the link listed below.


We make posts with pictures of the product we will be breaking in our Facebook Group and on each post, there are a number of spots to be filled. For example, in NFL breaks, we frequently run random divisions. Since there are 8 divisions, you may see something that says “8 spots @ $100” this means there are 8 spots for that specific break at a cost of $100 per spot and each spot will win a division (4 teams). To be more specific, a member comments on the break post and chooses a number 1-8. Once the number is chosen you will see an Admin comment #1-8 with the person’s name next to their number. It is also assumed the break is paid for at the time of comment which is why you will see the phrase “Please pay as you claim.”

After the break is filled, using the above example, we will randomize all 8 divisions in random.com-verified. This is a PAID third-party site that guarantees the randomization to be truly random as the history of the run is posted with a link to verify the authenticity of the run. After the run, a list will be posted outlining which division each spot received, and then we will open the cards LIVE. During the stream, we open all the packs in the products that were pictured in the post, and you will receive all the cards from the teams in the division your spot received from the random.

We sort throughout the week and pack the cards on Mondays. You should be getting pictures of your hits on Mondays. We ship every Tuesday and you should be getting pictures of your shipping label on Tuesday

You will receive a photo of your top hits (If you have any) the day of sorting/shipping, If you do not see a message but know you have hits from the week, check your message requests. One of the admins will be sending the photos.

The best way to explain a mini is the satellite poker tournament analogy. In poker, the Main Event in Las Vegas is a $10,000 buy-in tournament. Not everyone can afford that, so they will run a satellite poker tournament to win an entry into the $10,000 main event. For example, they may run a 10 seat tournament with a $1,000 buy-in (10*$1,000 = $10,000) and the winner of the 10 seat tournament gets a seat in the $10,000 main event. Once again, we use a PAID third-party site that guarantees the randomization to be truly random as the history of the run is posted with a link to verify the authenticity of the run.

If you have never participated in a break before, send a message of your address after payment to either Abigail Martina, Stefan (Golden Card Cashier), or Alex Shelow.

Once a number is claimed it is yours. Please make sure you actually want that spot before commenting. There is no exchanging of numbers.


This is entirely dependent upon the service level (speed) at which you would like your cards graded. Typically, faster turnaround costs more. Each service varies in price. Please look at the above grading invoices samples for PSA and BGS to see the different service level and prices to grade your cards.

We charge $1/card to ship to PSA/BGS and $1/card for PSA/BGS to ship back to us. This covers postage, shipping supplies, and insurance for the time the cards leave our facility and to get back to us. This DOES NOT include shipping from you to us, or us to you.

Adam has significant experience with sending cards in for grading and receiving approx. 70%+ gem rate at BGS and 60%+ at PSA. While this $5 fee does NOT guarantee you any grade, it does save you grading fees on cards that will NOT grade. For instance, instead of getting a PSA 8 while paying $60 and waiting approx. 6 weeks to get your card; you can get your card back quickly and only pay $5 to know it will not gem. Adam will include a note on each card that is pulled, detailing the flaws as to why it will not gem. The fee also covers administrative costs to sort, organize, and send cards to be grading. 

This is up to the customer. Do your research to figure out which service you prefer. Based on the condition of the card, Adam will make a recommendation as to which service is best for each card and send them to you in your invoice. Feel free to make any adjustments, you have the final say as to which service and where they go. 

If you would like Adam to decide which service to send to, please notate when sending your cards.

Please send all emails to: GoldenCardGradingSubs@gmail.com for facebook messenger, contact Abigail Martina, Alex Shelow, or Golden Card Cashier.


P.O. BOX 304


Please send all payments through Paypal as friends and family with no notes, to


If you would like to pay as good and service its a 3% upcharge added to the total. We also accept credit cards. For other forms of payment please contact us. 

The invoice we send does not include shipping to Golden Card Grading Subs, nor does it include shipping Golden Card Grading Subs to you. These costs are at your expense including insurance. The only shipping costs that are coerced are outlined above. 


If you are interested in doing online consignment with us, please send an email to:

GoldenCardConsignments@gmail.com  requesting our intake form. We will send that out ASAP and help you with any questions you may have regarding the form.

We sell items through our network as well as through eBay. Either way, we pay all fees associated with either selling platform. (Goods & Services and eBay fees are paid by US!) Please keep in mind, we charge a flat $4 shipping fee for your card to be shipped, this may change with the new USPS discount service that is supposed to come out in the beginning of 2021. We will update this information as we receive it.


P.O. BOX 304


You make the decision as to how your cards will be listed. You may choose to list your cards for auction or  “buy it now” please state which you’d like when sending the initial email. If you choose to buy it now, and want them listed for a certain period of time please select a time frame. If you want your cards back after that time period is over, please state that. We will ship the cards back to the address provided and you will be responsible for shipping costs. If you wish to move your cards from buy it now to auction after the period of time requested, we will then automatically move them to auction. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us through the email provided above