Clever Ways To Determine The Value of Sports Card for Free

determine the value of your sports cards

Here is an ultimate guide for beginners to determine the value of sports cards they hold

Due to the recent sports cards trading boom, many collectors have started trading their sports cards. Knowing the actual value of your sports cards is imperative. Thus, you can protect yourself from buying overpriced and selling underpriced sports cards. We have compiled a few clever ways that you can use to determine the value of your sports card for free. Read about them below:

Survey Sale Prices on eBay

  • The biggest e-marketplace to buy and sell sports cards is eBay. In order to determine the value of your sports cards, you can do a quick price survey on eBay. However, you should know that listed prices on eBay are higher than actual prices. This is because sellers leave some room for negotiation with the buyers.

eBay also offers search customizability options. You can select ‘Sold Items’ and ‘Completed Items’ to get details about sports cards that have been sold. This will give you a better picture of their prices. There is one drawback to using eBay. It will not show you the negotiated price between the seller and the buyer. You can only see the ‘Buy It Now’ price even if the sports card was sold at a discount.

Visit ‘Sell The Peak’

  • One of the best free tools to determine the value of sports cards is ‘Sell The Peak’. This website is used and loved by most sports card collectors and for good reasons too. It offers a comprehensive search tool with a variety of customizability options. You can manually exclude terms, select grading, sets, and variations as well as choose a currency in which you want prices to be shown.

One amazing feature offered by ‘Sell The Peak’ is that it shows sales prices instead of listed prices. It scans eBay and returns with actual sale prices instead of best offer prices or listed prices. This helps you accurately judge the competition in the market and determine your own prices accordingly.

Check Price History on Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

  • Professional Sports Authenticator is a third-party sports card trading and grading body. Their website is a great resource to know about card’s trading prices as well as information about recently graded cards.

If a specific card or a set is being searched, it will show PSA grading, auction details, and sale prices. One cool feature is to get your sales data as a graph showing sale prices over time.

List on StarStock

  • StarStock has recently started listing sports cards on its website. As a seller, you can upload your collection to StarStock and have them graded.

Buyers can send open offers for your sports cards and sets. These open offers will help you understand how much a buyer is actually willing to pay. This information and experience will help you set the best prices.

Observe The Competition

  • As a seller, you can expect to have some sports cards or sets that have very little sale price information available online. Perhaps you can’t find sports cards having the same player as yours, their year/make doesn’t match, or they don’t belong to the same grade as your cards.

In such a situation, the best course of action is to find cards that are most similar to yours. Look at their historical price data and make calculated guesses. After a few tries, you can expect to set a price that is closely related to your card’s actual value.

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