Dacard World Review – Unique Advantages and Quaint Drawbacks

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels is nicknamed “the Millville Meteor.” But that’s not news, isn’t it? The news is that in August 2020, a rookie card signed by Mike Trout was sold for a whopping $3.93 million in an auction. Is it not the most shocking information you’ve read today? But why do people love sports cards so much that they become ready to spend millions of dollars on just a bunch of cards?

dacard-world-reviewIn fact, the sports card industry is booming and growing rapidly. New investors are coming to the industry in search of green pastures. The fan base is also increasing. You can see a new box breaking site coming into existence every other day. But even still, all the old dogs of the game are still ruling the market. Dave and Adam’s Card World is one of them.

It’s a well-recognized name among sports card collectors. It’s a professional and seasoned card breaking site, which has been in the industry well before the rise of digital card breaking. They claim to have 30 years of experience in the sports card business, and we have no reason to deny that. If you visit the website, you will find that they are usually quite busy, and most of their breaks are already sold out.

In this Dacard World review, we are going to take Dacard World under the scope to find out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. We will go through the pros and cons of the platform so you can decide clearly whether to follow them for betting on cards or look for any other suitable option.

Disclaimer: I’m not reviewing Dacard World to promote their business or to criticize unfairly. This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. By no means, I’m associated or affiliated with them. I will get no benefit if you join this website, purchase any card, or other things. I just want you to choose the site which is best for you.

Let’s dive deep into the Dacard World with an overview.

The Ultimate Dacard World Review – Complete Picture

  • Dacard World is a card breaking site and also a sports card store operating from New York.
  • Dave and Adam founded it in 1991. In the start, it was a small card store in Buffalo, New York. It is now a 42000 square foot card and games superstore in Williamsville, NY.
  • With the rise of digital card breaking, they also jumped on the train and started a card breaking website and a YouTube channel. They have 10.6K subscribers on YouTube, while a whopping number of over 36K people follow them on Facebook. But they also have a sizable number of 17.4K and 33.4K followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. It shows that they are quite popular among sports card collectors.
  • Keep in mind that they are in this business since 1991, so they are not just a card breaking website. Besides sports cards, they also sell non-sports cards such as gaming cards. They also provide collectibles, supplies, comic books, toys, and sports memorabilia.
  • The best thing about Dacard World is that they not only sell products, but they also buy these products from their members. So if you have any cards or collectible items and want to sell them, get in touch with them for a good deal.

Sports Card Breaking On Dacard World:

  • Dacard World offers personal breaks, group mixer breaks, group case breaks, ‘box wars,’ random team breaks, random division, selected team breaks, and draft style team breaks. They have many breaking categories, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, football, multisport cards, as well as gaming, comic books, and entertainment cards.
  • They provide a full schedule of card breaking. Usually, most of their breaks are already sold out. Keeping in view their huge following, they face no problem in selling slots under any category.
  • Breaks are streamed live on the website and their YouTube channel.
  • For taking part in any break, you have to create an account on the Dacard World site. By logging in to your account, you can purchase any slot or a personal break. Once signed in, you can also check and track your orders.
  • You can purchase the available slots on the site from anywhere in the world.
  • All sales are final, no refund policy is offered.
  • They accept payments through Paypal, credit card, and wire transfer. So you can buy slots easily and effortlessly from anywhere in the world. The icing on the cake is that if you have an order of over $1000, they will pay for your bank’s service charges.

Dacard World is a well-established and famous brand in the sports card industry. Collectors trust them for the authenticity of their products. That’s why they have a sizable following. You can’t say that they’re scammers. But they have their benefits and their shortcomings, and we’re going to lay down all the pros and cons so that you can better decide.

Advantages Of The Dacard World:

A Well-Established Brand:

  • Dacard world is a famous and old name in the sports cards business. They claim 30 years’ experience in buying and selling sports cards. That seems a lot when you look at the age of digital card breaking.
  • They run a card and gaming superstore outside of New York and also maintain a solid web presence.

Social Proof:

  • They have a substantial social media following, which shows that people trust them, and they are quite popular among collectors. This fact provides social proof about the legitimacy of the site.

Personal Breaks:

  • Not many cards breaking services/websites out there offer the service of personal breaks. It means that you can buy the whole break for yourself only.
  • Not all the products are available for personal breaks, though. Only the breaks that are under the “break live” category are eligible to buy as personal breaks.
  • After buying the personal break, they will contact you to set a time for your personal break. Afterward, the box is opened live on camera for you only.

A Large Range Of Products:

  • Because they are an established brand and have a superstore, they have a wide variety of products to sell. From sports cards to non-sports cards to comic books, toys, gaming items, and movie related stuff. They have a lot of goodies for collectors.
  • To satisfy your urges, Dacard World works as a one-stop solution.

A Place To Sell:

  • Another unique feature of this website is that it buys cards, memorabilia, and other related things from you. So if you want to sell any old cards, you can check them out.

Refund Regarding Pre-Order Products:

  • If you pre-order a product and later on the price is lowered before its release, they will refund the difference. That’s a fair thing to do.

Drawbacks Of The Dacard World:

Shipping Fee:

  • Most of the card breaking sites offer free shipping for all the orders; some even offer free shipping for international orders. The same cannot be said about Dacard World.
  • They only offer free shipping if you are ordering from the US and your order is worth more than $199.
  • They charge a $9.95 shipping fee for orders between $50 and $199 and a flat shipping fee for orders under $50 in the US.
  • For international orders shipping fee will be estimated during check out.
  • The shipping fees do not include customs clearance, duties, taxes, and brokerage charges.

Sales Tax:

  • They charge 8.75% sales tax for all New York State orders.