Bomber Breaks Review – A Real Bomber Or Just A Woo-Woo

2020 was not the best year for the world because of Coronavirus, but it certainly was an exciting year for the sports cards industry. The card collecting business has grown massively, it has gained flocks and flocks of new followers, and it has happened at least a dozen times that sports cards or memorabilia were sold for more than a million bucks. It shows that the sports card business is on the rise. Card breaking sites have played a significant part in creating this demand.

With the increase in demand, new investors have come into the industry, and competition is getting tough. New card breaking sites have come into life. And they are competing for the attention of collectors.

Bomber Breaks is not a new card breaking site because it was started in the mid of 2013, long before the latest sports card frenzy began. They have become a recognizable name among the collectors, and they break the boxes regularly and live stream the events on their YouTube channel. They have attracted a sizable number of followers.

In this Bomber Breaks review, I will examine the site thoroughly and will let you know the positives and negatives as well as what you can get out of them as a seasoned sports card collector. I will bring to the surface what they’re hiding under the layers of cunning marketing. In the end, keeping in view all the advantages and disadvantages, I will tell you whether to use this website or not.

Either you’re following card breaking for hobby or business, this Bomber Breaks review will be very helpful to you.

Disclaimer: This review is my unbiased and professional opinion as a collector and card lover. I’m not associated or associated with Bomber Breaks in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this website, purchase any card or merchandise, or don’t give a hoot. I just want you to choose the site which provides you the best experience and high value for your money.

Without further ado, let’s roll the ball with an overview.

A Complete Bomber Breaks Review:

  • Bomber Breaks is a card-breaking website started in the mid of 2013 by Chris and Kevin. It’s operating from North Royalton, Ohio.
  • You will have to create an account to buy any slot. They break cards under the categories of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. They also sell sports merchandise.
  • They have a separate category of news about Bomber Breaks activities. In this section, they provide the names of winners.
  • On the homepage, they provide the available breaks with the complete schedule and prices. You can check the prices of the boxes and buy any which falls in your price range.
  • The surprising thing is that they haven’t put the links for their YouTube channel and other social media accounts in a prominent place. In fact, these are provided at the bottom which makes it confusing for a new user. It’s an indication of a bad user experience.
  • Bomber Breaks has 4.62K subscribers on YouTube. Considering they are in this business since 2013 and keeping in view the following of other breaking sites, we can say that this is quite underwhelming.
  • In line with YouTube, they also have a low number of followers on Facebook and Twitter with 1.9K and 1.1K, respectively. But surprisingly, they have a sizable number of fans of 13.5K on Instagram. This means they are getting most of their customers from Instagram. But their overall following is on the lower side, which also shows that they hold a limited number of breaks.
  • The site claims to ship the cards within three business days after the break takes place. But they have failed to mention whether the shipping is free or paid. Also, there is no mention of international shipping. They also don’t provide insurance for the shipment.
  • Bomber Breaks accepts payment through PayPal or credit card. They provide no refunds after the break, so purchase the slots carefully.

Bomber Breaks is a small card breaking website. They don’t hold a lot of breaks and don’t have a sizable number of followers. They are in this business for the last seven years but have failed to generate a good following, which shows a lack of effort on their part.

Below I’m going to provide some pros and cons of Bomber Breaks, which I gathered after a thorough examination. After reading these positives and negatives, you can better decide whether it’s the best choice for you or not.

Pros Of The Bomber Breaks:

Break Cards In All Categories Of Sports:

  • Some card breaking sites leave out one or the other category from their arsenal of cards, but the same cannot be said about Bomber Breaks. They have boxes in all the major categories of sport.

Quick Shipping:

  • They claim that they ship the cards within three business days, which is relatively quick if you compare it with the other card breaking sites.


  • Not many card breaking sites provide the latest card breaking news. This is a plus point if you want to keep yourself updated.
  • It’s a good marketing tactic and a useful tool for the fans to stay updated about the latest activities of Bomber Breaks.
  • Collectors can also know about the winners of former breaks on Bomber Breaks from this section.

About Us Page:

  • On the About Us page, they fully disclose the fact about who the founder of Bomber Breaks is and when they started this website. It instills confidence in the new user that they are real. Some breaking sites try to hide this information.

Cons Of The Bomber Breaks:

Low Number Of Followers:

  • When you talk about social proof and brand trust, having a large number of followers is a big factor in creating goodwill.
  • Except for Instagram, they have a low number of followers on all the major social media platforms, despite being active since 2013.
  • It shows that they hold a low number of breaks every week because they can’t fill all the slots on time.


  • We don’t know if they provide free shipping or not because they do not mention this on the site. They also haven’t listed anything related to international shipping. So, if you’re living outside of the US, it would be unwise to purchase cards from this website.

No Insurance:

  • They do not provide any insurance for the shipment. But if you’re anxious to get your shipment insured, you can contact them, and they will offer it for an additional cost.

No Personal Breaks:

  • They do not provide personal breaks, so if you want to buy a break for yourself, head over to some other site.

Bad User Experience:

  • The overall user experience of the site is not good. They do not provide a clean and clear user experience. A new visitor can quickly get confused.

Do I Recommend the Bomber Breaks:

  • As you have seen above, they have fewer pros and more cons. Does it mean that I don’t recommend it?

Well, if you’re a professional collector, then I don’t recommend this site for you. But if you’re a beginner and want to test card breaking before fully diving into it, I would recommend checking out the Bomber Breaks.