Top 4 Baseball Card Auctions for 2021

baseball card auctions

Looking for baseball trading cards? Find here the list of best baseball card auction platforms for 2021

Many collectors have started selling and auctioning baseball cards to earn handsome amounts of money. We have compiled the top 4 baseball card auction marketplaces below. Learn about them so you can earn the most out of your auctions.

PWCC Marketplace

  • PWCC has been one of the best platforms for baseball card auctions since its inception in 1998. It offers the highest payouts and the most competitive bidding ever seen in an online marketplace. When a seller decides to auction via PWCC, they are required to pay a small fee based on the amount and number of items they are putting up. PWCC’s commissions are ranked lowest compared to all other e-auction platforms.

PWCC offers immediate payouts to sellers. Sellers need to sign up on PWCC with a free account and make their submissions. After their account approval, they will need to mail their baseball cards to PWCC, who will then verify, scan, and upload them to its website. PWCC also assists with listing the baseball cards. Thus, PWCC actively helps its sellers reach the highest bid for their auction, and make good money.


  • eBay is the largest auction and bidding marketplace in terms of users volume. It is estimated that by June 2021, it had over 180 million registered users. eBay is considered the best in terms of its user interface, usability, and ease of use for the customer. eBay may charge higher commissions on items auctioned if their price is above a certain point.

Currently, there are over 10 million baseball cards on eBay for sale and auction. eBay does not have any requirements for selling. This means a seller can put up their graded and ungraded cards, and there are no minimum value restrictions. Due to the competition, it may be difficult for a seller to stand out, and of course, there is a huge risk of getting scammed. So eBay is best left to professionals and experts who know all the bells and whistles of e-marketplace platforms.

Heritage Auctions

  • Heritage auctions are best known for their collection of incredibly rare and valuable sports memorabilia. They have been in the auction business since 1976, and since then have expanded to cover the e-marketplace sector. Heritage has a reputation for selling the Reggie Jackson rookie card for a little over $1 million.

In addition to other services, they offer marketing, consultation via their offices, consignment sales, and pricing advice for new sellers. They currently have over a million registered bidders, and all of them have a taste for highly valuable and unique baseball cards. Heritage charges a commission of 10% for items sold under $2,500 and payout is made via a check after 45 days.

Pristine Auction

  • Pristine auction is the most preferred auction marketplace amongst individual sellers. They have over 500k registered bidders and have been in this business for almost 2 decades. They offer individuals an easy way to auction off their baseball cards and charge a staggering 15% commission. Payouts are given bi-weekly as a direct deposit in the seller’s bank account.

Pristine is best known for selling graded autographed cards. They can also help get the cards graded and reviewed through their partner James Spence Authentication. This helps to increase the value of the baseball cards. A pristine auction requires sellers to fill out a form and send their cards over. Pristine then verifies, scans, and uploads them on its marketplace. In addition to the direct deposit, Pristine also allows payouts via check.

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