5 Successful Ways to Achieve A Sports Card Case Break

achieve a sports card case break
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Follow these 5 ways to achieve a  sports card case break easily

In a sports card break, an investor buys a box of sports cards and opens them. This opening is called breaking the cards. Customers can then buy individual cards from this box at a lesser price, instead of paying for the entire box.

A sports card break is an excellent investment opportunity as it helps you make a lot of money. Take a look below at our 5 successful ways guaranteed to make your next sports cards break a successful one.

Placing A Successful Order

  • Selecting the right distributor is very crucial. Many people often call up their distributors in advance and build a relationship with them. There are many distributors in the market and seeking the right one will help you a lot.

Prior to ordering, make sure you have a correct estimate of how much you want to buy and how much you can sell. Ordering without an estimated result in extra stock. This isn’t efficient for your budget.

Securing Customers in Advance

  • Pre-selling and Pre-booking are famous techniques used by every major business to ensure their sales go through smoothly. Pre-selling can be done without having the actual inventory at hand. You can even book customers at a traditional brick-and-mortar shop.

These days most people pre-sell on online platforms. This helps them charge a fixed price that is most likely to change in the future. Some distributors even allow you to sell on their platform and eBay, thus helping you make more money.

Successful Pricing

  • The most important aspect of a successful sports card break is to determine your prices. Most people only skim through online platforms to get an estimate of prices, and then set prices accordingly. This is fast but not efficient.

There are online platforms such as Terapeak and Ebay’s Turbolister which give you historical data about prices. You can do your own research, to make sure you set the best prices in order to attract the most customers. Some distributors even give you the option to have your cards graded. This helps you justify your prices to customers.

Don’t Work Alone

  • You’ve received your boxes and now you have to open, inspect and scan the sports cards. Working alone will eat away a lot of time that can be best spent confirming sales and dispatching the cards.

It is in your best interests to include your family or friends in this process. You can divide the work in steps and delegate each step to one person. This way you can complete this step quicker and start selling ASAP.

Listing on eBay

  • eBay listings are the best way to auction and sell your cards quickly. The first step is to study the market by searching for other people who have listed the same cards as yours. This will help you understand their price point. You can price accordingly and set an ending time. For rarer items, you can set ending times to be days apart.

If you have duplicate cards, you can use the ‘Buy It Now option to make sure each sale is confirmed. For the rarer sports cards, you can use the ‘Auction-Style’ pricing and sell to the highest bidder.

  • We understand that not everyone would like to go through the hassle of selling their sports cards themselves. For this very reason, there are distributors that allow people to sell on their own platforms. Golden Card Breaks is one such distributor.

We allow people to buy sports cards and then break them in a live YouTube session. Golden Card Breaks then gives you two options. The buyer can either have them shipped or instantly sell them through our website. Thus, the buyer can ensure they are not losing any money.